A barrier against sneaking thieves

Roller shutters as an effective protection against burglary

A nightmare scenario for house owners: Burglaries, who invade your privacy, destroy your furniture and steal valuable articles. As per statistics a house is broken into every 3.5 minutes. An alarming value, which makes increase the need for security of house owners. In line with this demand, numerous products and systems are available in the market to make your property burglar-proof and to discourage burglars. But what helps really?


Experts agree with each other: The best protection is to offer resistance to these sneaking thieves. The more time a burglar needs to break into a house, the higher the chance that he stops doing so to not attract unwanted attention. Ordinarily the front door is not the only weak point thieves take advantage of. In most cases windows or terrace doors provide poor resistance and are therefore the perfect possibilities for penetration. Special roller shutter systems that are provided with special safety devices may help to enhance effectively the protection of the windows against manipulation or destruction. Other than conventional roller shutters, which can be pushed up, torn out or cut with sharp blades in the area of the ties of the roller shutter curtain, these special products are a nearly insuperable barrier.


Roller shutter nova Top Safe

The safety roller shutter nova Top Safe is the final stop for burglaries when they try to penetrate into the building through the windows and terrace doors. A patented lift-up protection, a dual neoprene and steel insert in the end rail, a stable guide rail with additional safety device against removal and a roller shutter curtain made of reinforced, extruded aluminium make it the perfect security equipment.


Smart control device

With one click to more security

Burglars do not like to encounter the tenants. For this reason, the simulation of presence is part of different security systems. Due to the automation of the sun protection products – for example the safety roller shutters – a time-controlled simulation of the presence of the tenants is possible. Thanks to a live feedback, the positions and movements of the inter-linked shading elements can be checked and controlled on the go. If, for example, several roller shutters are inadvertently not closed after leaving the house, this is visible at a glance and can be changed with a command.

ONYX – the control unit for your sun shade

ONYX is a control system that was specifically developed for the operation of sun protection products; Il allows you to control your awnings, Venetian blinds, outdoor blinds and roller shutters conveniently with your Smart phone or Tablet. Using sensors like wind and sun sensors, the system controls automatically the optimisation of your light situation.