Using the daylight correctly

The right dose for the particular situation

Daylight is of primary importance for humans. It controls many human biological, physiological and mental processes. It is, for example, irreplaceable for the formation of vitamin D in the human body. We need it to be healthy, active and in a good mood. The positive influence of daylight for well-being as well as physical and mental health has not been investigated until the nineties. That’s why the effect of daylight on humans was till then understudied and underestimated within the design of a building.


However, current studies give proof that lack of light is the cause of many diseases and dysfunctions. The most noted is the winter depression or “Seasonal Affective Disorder” (SAD). People who do not get enough daylight at their workstation often suffer from numerous ailments. They quickly feel exhausted or complain of a lack of concentration And children, who spend the day with learning in artificially lighted classrooms, suffer to an increasing degree from psychomotor retardation.


Light control for well-being

Making clever use of the daylight

When designing the lighting it should be the main objective to make the most of the daylight to profiting from its positive effects. At the same time, all other disturbing effects – like glare for example – should be eliminated. Within the private as well as the professional environment, this primarily means not to use artificial lighting as long as possible. Last but not least this demand effects the use of energy.

Here especially the Venetian blinds and outdoor blinds from HELLA can score with individually controllable slat positions. This means that the light is directed to the place where it is required. Everywhere where direct light could bother, shade may be provided. In combination with smart control devices and sensors – such as a sun sensor for example – it is possible to automatically provide the optimum light during the course of the day. Here the course of the sun is followed and cross-linked Venetian blinds, outdoor blinds and roller shutters are opened or closed to keep an earlier set lighting level.


Venetian blinds and outdoor blinds

Venetian blinds and outdoor blinds from HELLA are characterised by highest manufacturing quality and uncompromising functionality. They control and dose the natural sunlight to ensure a perfect utilisation and to avoid glare.

ONYX – the control unit for your sun shade

ONYX is a control system that was specifically developed for the operation of sun protection products; Il allows you to control your awnings, Venetian blinds, outdoor blinds and roller shutters conveniently with your Smart phone or Tablet. Using sensors like wind and sun sensors, the system controls automatically the optimisation of your light situation.


Light and darkness

Turn day into night

Besides the correct use of sunlight, an effective darkening is critical for the well-being of many people. Especially during the night an optimum darkening helps to eliminate disturbing light (e.g. street lighting) or the moon light from the bedroom. In this way a refreshing sleep, essential for the body to regain strength, can be ensured.

This is a hot topic for those who have another daily routine than the majority of the population. Shift workers, for example, who want to fall asleep after their night shift, need darkness in broad daylight; they have to beat their internal clock when living against the circadian rhythm. In these cases sun protection products help to handle the daylight as needed. Particularly roller shutters and interior blackout elements avoid most effectively the entering of light into the dark.

Roller shutters

Roller shutters from HELLA protect against light, heat, cold and noise. They keep prying eyes away and provide additional protection against uninvited guests. But our roller shutters do not provide optimum protection only. As efficient climate buffers they also lower the costs for heating and cooling.


Blackout elements

HELLA Blackout elements turn day into night. The sturdy blackout roller blinds for the interior close the windows completely and do not allow that annoying light from outdoor lightings, the sun or the moon enter the interior space.