Our six values make clear for what HELLA stands for since 1959. They show how the HELLA employees interact with their environment and which essential demands they make on themselves. Our values are influenced by our roots in the Austrian East Tyrol. Here you meet on a par with your counterpart, stand by your promise and a handshake counts.


Honesty is a fundamental component of confidence, and for us confidence is the basis for a successful collaboration and profitable business deals – for both sides. As a result it is our demand to deal with our environment in an open and honest way. And we demand this honesty from our partners as well.


It is vital that others can rely on our statements and commitments – whether it be a client, supplier, employee or business partner. Like honesty, reliability is a precondition for a faithful cooperation. This applies for the adherence to delivery dates, detailed agreements as well as special agreements. At HELLA a statement and a handshake have the same validity like a written contract.

Handshake quality

The quality of our products is more than a promise to perform a service. When we say handshake quality, we mean the binding statement we give to our clients that they get products, which meet the highest demands as to function and durability. Due to the fact that development, production and quality control of our products are in our own hands, we can shake hands on that with a clear conscience.


Despite our huge growth and meanwhile leading position in the sun and weather protection industry all over Europe, we remain modest and stand by our values. We know that our success is not based on the performance of one individual, but the result of an impressive team work. No one is more important than the other one and no one is better than the rest.


In a modern working world and against the background of a rapid technological change, we stand by our tradition. Even though the world and the products or our daily life become more and more fast-paced, it is our demand to develop durable and solid solutions that will be with our clients for decades. For this reason we keep elementary processes in our own hands – although today there are quicker and lower priced ways to grow as an enterprise.

High quality standards

It is part of our tradition to deliver highest quality to offer our clients and partners reliability and confidence. But our demand to provide highest quality is not limited to the product level. This demand comprises our service, our counselling as well as our market development.