HELLA stands for durability and handshake-quality

High-grade technology combined with aesthetic beauty and innovation – this is our company’s highest priority. HELLA products are characterised by an original design and a high level of innovation – being apparent from our various own patents.
With our products we provide comfort and safety. People can protect themselves and their home against sun, wind, weather and burglary as desired by them, and can additionally save energy and money.
We follow the principle "Everything from one single source", starting with the development and construction on to purchase and production and ending with installation and customer service. The same applies for our services from the first contact with the client to the consultation to the customer service.
The HELLA quality policy sets the framework for the determination and assessment of goals. This policy involves our employees in the continuous quality improvement. Each staff member is responsible for the quality of his work!
Quality management is an indispensable part of our company strategy and for this reason a core task on all company levels. Due to the continual improvement of products and processes, the ongoing execution of reliability tests and the cooperation with public institutions like universities and testing institutes, we make sure that:


the quality of our products and services makes an enormous contribution
to the satisfaction and success of our clients,

  • the security of our staff members is ensured in all workplaces,
  • our staff members regularly take part in basic and advanced training courses, which additionally boost the quality awareness,
  • the natural environment and the living environment entrusted to us, are protected,
  • responsible behaviour towards the society, environment and region is an integral part of the quality policy inside and outside of our company.

The Management Handbook as code of practice to implement the management system, is binding for all executives. Additional quality measures are recorded in the process descriptions, procedure instructions or work instructions.


The HELLA quality in our products

The following details show only a few examples for the quality awareness and innovative strength that influence the development of all HELLA products.

Stainless steel clip cam belt (ECN)
The patented stainless steel clip cam belt – briefly ECN – is a weaved carrying tape made of polyester with double aramide reinforcement (Kevlar, Twaron) and with sprayed bevel cams made from UV-resistant plastic. These are connected to the slats via chromium steel clamps. Due to the vertical and horizontal rotatability of this connection, a uniquely exact packaging is possible. When raising, the tape forms perfect loops, the curtain closes perfectly and the package remains small.

Omega punching
Plastic ladder cord fastening devices that may become brittle and perish over the years, are replaced by the intelligent Omega punching. This way the tape is connected to the slat without auxiliary device, such as plastic eyelets. This type of connection is especially discreet, very stable and nearly maintenance-free.
Flush-mounted guide rails with tear lug
>Even if an insect screen is to be subsequently integrated in the sun protection product, the flush-mounted guide rails FUP 95x32 and FUP 80x32 from HELLA provide highest flexibility. A tear lug uncovers another channel, in which a subsequently mounted insect roller screen can be guided correctly.

Noise insulating support plate with moisture proofing

HELLA*s noise insulating support plates for spacers and tensioning elements do not only reduce the vibration noises on facades and windows. At the same time they seal the screwed joints reliably against moisture, which in the worst case could cause the rotting of the window frame.

Variomatic inclination adjustment
To make sure that the extracted awning gives shade at any sun position, the Variomatic inclination adjustment from HELLA allows an inclination of the awning from 0° to 40°. Using a crank handle or a Variotronic motor, the tilting mechanism and as a result the inclination of the awning can be optimally adapted to the position of the sun.

PAN – modularly mountable
The elegant awning PAN 7040 does not only set standards in terms of design. Due to its modular design, an especially easy installation is ensured. Even with a maximum width of seven metres and a maximum sloping projection of four metres, the installation is, thanks to the clever modular design, feasible with two persons only.
Top Safe lift-up protection
The name Top Safe is a synonym for excellent anti-burglary protection within the NOVA front-mounted roller shutter product line from HELLA. Numerous safety components make it very difficult for burglars to open the roller shutter and to get access to the window. The patented lift-up protection prevents, for example, that the roller shutter curtain is lifted up by hand.

Certification according to ISO
According to our guiding principles, we put great emphasis on the quality certification of our company. The current certificates are available in our download area.    
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