Daylight for better results

Light and productivity are closely inter-connected

Everywhere, where focussed work is required, daylight contributes significantly to the achievement potential of people. This applies likewise for offices, factory halls, classrooms as well as seminar rooms.
Besides bad lighting caused by unnatural artificial lighting, bad room air is one of the primary reasons of the “Sick Building Syndrome” (SBS). This is the generic term for a bundle of health disorders and malaises like headache, fatigue, sleep disorder and feeling unwell, which can occur in rooms with suboptimal conditions. People, who have to work under unfavourable lighting conditions, suffer more often from these or similar symptoms.

In such cases not only the level of illumination is of importance, but also the spectral composition of the lighting. Sunlight as the most natural light source is indispensable in the work environment and has a highly positive effect on productivity and well-being. Working under daylight facilitates the perception of colours and the seeing in general. It fatigues less and saves the body’s own resources, which then can be used for accomplishing the tasks.


Light control for higher productivity

The light at work places should, as long as possible, come from a natural source. This means: Ideally sunlight is used in an intelligent and planned manner to illuminate work places and classrooms. Annoyances caused by glare must be avoided to provide optimum working conditions. Light control exactly starts here and makes sure that natural light is directed to the place, where it is required, and that it is dimmed, where it may disturb.

Venetian blinds and outdoor blinds from HELLA manage this balancing act with the so-called light control function. They direct the light to the places, where it is required. Individually controllable slats serve for an optimum lighting situation regardless of the sun position or the intensity of the daylight. In combination with smart control devices and sensors – such as a sun sensor for example – it is possible to automatically provide the optimum light during the course of the day. Here the course of the sun is followed and cross-linked Venetian blinds, outdoor blinds and roller shutters are opened or closed to keep an earlier set lighting level.


Venetian blinds and outdoor blinds

Venetian blinds and outdoor blinds from HELLA are characterised by highest manufacturing quality and uncompromising functionality. They control and dose the natural sunlight to ensure a perfect utilisation and to avoid glare.

ONYX – the control unit for your sun shade

ONYX is a control system that was specifically developed for the operation of sun protection products; Il allows you to control your awnings, Venetian blinds, outdoor blinds +and roller shutters conveniently with your Smart phone or Tablet. Using sensors like wind and sun sensors, the system controls automatically the optimisation of your light situation.