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We produce electric current with HELLA

Eco-friendly quality

Did you know that HELLA has its own hydropower station with a yearly capacity of 12 mio. kWh?

We attach great importance to an environmentally friendly production and are therefore very proud that we can supply our complete head office in Abfaltersbach with renewable energy.

On the one hand we can in this way produce energy from our own small hydropower station, and on the other hand our firm is since 2008 connected to the biomass-heating station Abfaltersbach, at which HELLA owns a company share of 48%.

From 2005 on, all production halls are built in low-energy standard.

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Fensterbau Frontale 2018

Exactly our atmosphere at the Fensterbau Frontale 2018

2018 is the year of fair trades! Besides the R+T also the Fensterbau Frontale took place. This meant for HELLA to be present at two mega events.



This was the R+T 2018

A nice trade fair stand with an awesome atmosphere!

In 2018, HELLA again was part of the branch-specific event per se. Our special highlight was represented by the concept of our trade fair stand themed “Exactly my mood”.



New awning PAN 7040

High design standard for outdoor living

Awnings primarily provide shade. Beyond that purpose the awning is an element that intensely influences the impression of a facade. Like glasses change the face of a person, the awning changes the face of a house. As a result, HELLA developed a complete awning collection, whose design reflects the high quality standard of the enterprise. The new PAN 7040 that was launched to the market at the beginning of 2017, matches perfectly the linear architecture: a cassette awning that arranges its technique vertically and that is nearly invisible on the facade. When closed, the cassette hides the cover and the technique very elegantly. PAN 7040 does not only provide shade, but perfectly fit in in the modern, linear architecture. And with a width of up to seven metres and a maximum sloping projection of four metres, it creates a large space on the terrace, which invites to outdoor living.

 Integrated LED lighting

This outdoor living – under the awning – is more and more practised in the evening. Therefore HELLA optionally offers LED lighting solutions that are seamlessly integrated in the folding arm. The developer Felix Perathoner means: “Awnings with light already exist, but we bring really beautiful light exactly to the place where it is needed, to the space below the awning.” HELLA CEO Ulrich Lehmann explains the philosophy of the product development: “We want to make the living space for our customers more pleasurable and comfortable. Also in the evening you can comfortably sit together under your awning and at the push of a button you can dim the light as desired.“

Comprehensive awning collection

After the open awning AREIA 7040, the versatile VIVA 7040 and the oval cassette awning CLEO 2016, HELLA now launches the perfect supplementary product: the new PAN 7040. All HELLA awnings can score with an appealing and light design and at the same time are considered as the most solid solutions in the market. One reason is the high manufacturing quality: Side elements made of die-cast aluminium, drop-forged aluminium for heavily loaded joints and especially resistant cords to move the folding arms– all that results in highest stability at little weight. All control devices are either different conventional wall-mounted switches or radio-controlled solutions, or the intelligent Smarthome control system ONYX® from HELLA that comes up with numerous integrated automatic functions and a weather sensor.

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