Resource management is one aspect only

For HELLA sustainability is a complex issue and deeply rooted in our corporate policy. It is more than dealing with resources in a responsible way and affects a wide variety of spheres of our daily life.

Sustainable generation and usage of energy

Already in 1985, with the construction of its own hydropower station, HELLA took an important step to reduce the ecological footprint of the enterprise. In 1986, the company-own power station with an annual capacity of 12 mio. kWh went into service., It uses the natural power of the small rivers Erlenbach and Margaretenbach to produce a significant part of the energy required for the production.

Contribution to energy efficiency

Products that prevent the heating-up of interior spaces improve the energy efficiency of the buildings they are built in. Less energy is required for the cooling, if the heat of the sun can not enter the room freely. Products that prevent the uncontrolled escape of heat – for example by way of ,windows – save precious heat energy. HELLA offers its clients solutions for both scenarios and in this way contributes significantly to the energy efficiency of buildings.

Sustainable staff development

The success of our company relies on our staff members, those who every day do their best for the good of our clients. That is why a sustainable staff development has always been a key task of all supervisors in our company. This is reflected in a continuous growth of the workforce to more than 1,300 staff members now, and the consequent education and training of the HELLA staff in all areas of activity.

Product consistency

The quality of the products from HELLA is a fundamental pillar of our company philosophy and deeply rooted in our values. The consistency and durable function of the solutions for the sun and weather protection contribute greatly to the sustainability of our portfolio. Products that are not manufactured for one season or one phase of life only, but that are designed for the lifespan of a building, save the environment as well as the resources.

Sustainable relationships to customers and suppliers

Reliable and long-lasting relationships to our customers and suppliers ensure sustained success for all partners. The continuous relationship management is firmly fixed in our company’s philosophy. Frankness, honesty and reliability are maximes for HELLA that characterise the way how we deal with each other.