Energy efficiency

For the sake of the environment

Heat protection and the prevention of heat losses with the help of sun protection systems

The sun warms and illuminates naturally and completely free. One reason, why the use of solar power is one of the biggest challenge and chance within the fight against climate change and CO2 emissions. During the day, sunlight makes artificial light sources redundant. The better the light is transported and used in closed spaces, the less is the demand to use electric power for the lighting.

Summerly heat protection

Regulate the heat with sun protection products

But the energy of the sun can have negative effects, if it warms up walls, ceilings and the room air. The effort required to cool living spaces and offices down increases steadily. Air conditioners, which are more and more used in Central Europe, are one of the greatest energy consumers in buildings. In this case the importance of a summerly heat protection becomes clear. And windows contribute to the warming up of rooms. Today, walls and ceilings are provided with insulation materials that do not only prevent the loss of heat, but also slow down the heat transport from the outside to the inside. At the same time windows should be provided with suitable shading possibilities, so that the heat of the sun can not enter the interior freely. In this way the need for artificial air conditioning is reduced significantly and precious energy can be saved.

An especially effective protection against the warming up is provided by exterior shading devices. They prevent that the heat energy can pass the window freely. Once the heat has entered the room, it is difficult to get it out again. Exterior Venetian blinds, outdoor blinds, roller shutters and facade blinds from HELLA make sure that the rooms are kept comfortably cool and that the daylight, nevertheless, can be used. They dose the sunlight as well as the heat and manage the balancing act between daylight use and heat protection. Fully automated as needed: Smart control devices can be used together with sensors such as sun sensors to follow the course of the sun and to shade areas as needed.


Reduced heat losses

Clever systems against heat losses

When the temperatures drop it is important to keep the costly warmed and therefore precious energy inside the building. Nowadays, modern windows with heat protection glazing can reduce the heat loss enormously. However, they are not really a barrier like an insulated wall.
If the heat of the room escapes through the window, you will not only notice this when you receive your heat cost billing. Because the window absorbs less heat than the wall, different surface temperatures exist inside the room. The consequence: Inconvenient draught caused by a perpetual air movement between warm and cold air.
Up-to-date roller shutter systems are an additional barrier for the heat. When closed they function as insulation and make sure that the heat energy can not escape quickly. In this way they contribute effectively to energy saving.


Venetian blinds and outdoor blinds

Venetian blinds and outdoor blinds from HELLA are characterised by highest manufacturing quality and uncompromising functionality. They control and dose the natural sunlight to ensure a perfect utilisation and to avoid the warming of rooms.


Roller shutters

Roller shutters from HELLA protect against light, heat, cold and noise. They keep prying eyes away and provide additional protection against uninvited guests. But our roller shutters do not provide optimum protection only. As efficient climate buffers they also lower the costs for heating and cooling.


Facade blinds

Textile facade blinds from HELLA are both an outstanding design element and a functional sun protection. They provide high climate and light comfort in perfect workmanship. Thanks to various colours and designs, an individual style can be realised with ease.

ONYX – the control unit for your sun shade

ONYX is a control system that was specifically developed for the operation of sun protection products; Il allows you to control your awnings, Venetian blinds, outdoor blinds and roller shutters conveniently with your Smart phone or Tablet. Using sensors like wind and sun sensors, the system controls automatically the optimisation of your light situation.