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Maintenance and operation


Your conservatory blind is maintenance-free.

The bearings are permanently lubricated.


If obstacles (branches, leaves) are caught in the guide rails or lying on the cover, these must be removed carefully. Before extending the unit, it is necessary to close air vents or similar, which are in the operating radius of the unit.


The motor's thermal cut-off switch may block the unit, if the blind is repeatedly extended and retracted at frequent intervals. After cooling down, the motor is reactivated automatically.


If the unit is operated during winter, ensure that ice and snow do not block the guide rails or the operating range. In case of sudden snowfall the conservatory blind must be retracted immediately. If any snow is lying on the cover, it must be removed before retracting the unit. Frozen covers must be thawed and dried before retracting the unit.


If possible do not retract the conservatory blind in a wet state. If this is not possible (e.g. sudden shower) have the conservatory blind subsequently dried in the extended position.


Clean the cover with clear water only (no chemical cleaning agents).


Attention: It is not allowed to use only automatic devices to control the system, if your are absent for extended periods of time (e.g. holidays), because the security of the system can not be guaranteed.



Additional tips


A conservatory blind is a system to provide protection from the sun and should therefore be retracted with rain, snow, thunderstorm or strong wind. Inappropriate loads affect the function and safety.


The cover of your conservatory blind has been checked by extensive quality controls.

During weaving, sewing and assembly. However, each fabric can have differences in surface uniformity. Perhaps you will find small knots, spots of colour, irregular runs of threads or minimal differences and displacements in the design and rapport.

Minor differences in colours between the different strips or differences in colours with regard to the collection of samples cannot be ruled out.


The fabrication of various strips with different widths depends on the overall width of the conservatory blind.

Ripples in the cover and wrinkling at the seams can arise, because the fabric is doubled rolled up at the seams. Sagging as a result of the own weight of the cover is possible.


These differences are not faults, which have been overseen in the testing, but they are unavoidable due to technical reasons.

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