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Box systems & installation elements

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 shutter box - renovation system


The HELLA trav plus is characterised by improved heat and noise insulation features and in combination with its easy to install construction it has become the favourite on construction sites. Guaranteed safe fixing of the plaster, defined limit stop positions for the window and no additional formwork speak for the box system that can satisfy the highest demands.





Individual solutions

Every building has its peculiarities Whether the window follows a curvature or has the shape of an oriel: the HELLA box system makes almost any variation possible, since the TRAV can be designed individually. Hence, there are no limits to architectural possibilities.




HELLA trav plus

1  Plaster base at the rear side

  • Wood wool light building plate 25 mm, cement-bound
  • stability for the box
  • Excellent plaster base (well established)
  • stable mounting base


2  Insulation body made of EPS-15

  • Optimum thermal insulation due to compact polystyrene block
  • no thermal bridge to the inside
  • Free of CFCs, HCFCs and fluorinated hydrocarbons
  • Variable for a precise adjustment to the respective wall thickness
  • Inflammability class in accordance with Austrian standard (ÖNORM) B 3800 or DIN 4102 (B1 - low flammability)
  • Frost-proof, impervious to moisture, diffusion-open


3 Box made of 1 mm galvanized sheet steel

  • Precise form
  • Self-supporting formwork - up to 1,500 mm without support


4  Ceiling insulation made of EPS-15

  • As a standard with 20 mm, variable for a surcharge!
  • No thermal bridge to the solid ceiling due to compact polystyrene block


5 Plaster base at the front, optionally made of

  • Wood wool light building plate (HWL), 20 mm
  • EPS-30, 20 mm


6  Take-up cassette for  insect roller screen


7  Plastic limit stop profile

  • Defined limit stop position for the window
  • no thermal bridge
  • Bracket element for the integrable insect roller screen


8 Lateral support

  • Made of wood wool light building plate, 20 mm, cement-bound
  • Standard 120 mm 
  • Precise support when walling
  • Better covering of the blind lintel due to an off-set of 20 mm


9 Brush profile

  • Optimum sealing towards the  roller shutter curtain
  • Integration of the maintenance flap


10  External maintenance flap

  • made of aluminium sheet steel 1.2 mm
  • no thermal bridge to the inside
  • no pollution or damage on the room side during maintenance work


11  Plaster flange

  • As a standard 5 mm; variable if requested
  • clear plaster edge


12  Lateral recess area 

  • Support width plus plaster thickness
  • Prevention of cracks in the plaster


13  Side part made of sheet steel

  • 1 mm galvanised
  • high stability
  • Preassembled spot weld nuts for optimum installation of the sun protection device


14  Insulation body basic profile made of EPS-30

  • for a significantly higher insulation of the rabbet area for the window
  • (not in combination with an insect screen cassette!)


15  Wood wool light building plate

  • 20 mm thick, for a better stability of the box


16  Side part of the insulation body made of EPS-15

  • As a standard with 40 mm, variable for a surcharge!
  • Significantly better insulation performance!

trav plus with outdoor blind

The following insulation possibilities are available for a surcharge

(each additional insulation can be selected separately)



Insulation wedge roller shutter

Insulation body Venetian blind

Ceiling insulation


Insulation body plastic limit stop profile

Lateral insulation

Type of installation


Special form - bay

Special form - Horizontal arch

Special form - sloping windows


Special form - segmental arch

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