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Before operating the roller shutter make sure, that the curtain is freely movable.

Be careful: The roller shutter curtain or the hanger assembly may be damaged if blocked (e.g. formation of ice) or stopped abruptly (e.g. by obstacles in the window lintel when lowering).


Roller shutters with lift tape
Avoid tearing at the lift tape or letting the roller shutter drop in an uncontrolled manner.


Roller shutters with crank handle
Fold the crank handle only into the specified direction. Operate the roller shutter evenly and without the use of force.


Electrically operated roller shutters
A reminder: the roller shutter curtain must run freely.

Especially if it is operated by an automatic device.


The thermal cut-off switch could respond if the blind is operated a number of times in succession; the motor stops. Wait a few minutes, the switch releases operation when the motor has cooled down sufficiently.

If a fault occurs during a thunderstorm (indirect lightening strike), function can be restored by switching the circuit breaker (fuse) off and then on.


Do not tilt the window for extended periods of time, when the roller shutter curtain is lowered.

Condensation can form on the roller shutter curtain and turn to ice when outside temperatures drop below zero.


Roller shutters with toggle catch may only be raised or lowered when the toggle catch is retracted.

Ensure that no objects are placed on the window sill when the toggle catch is extended.


Technically speaking, HELLA roller shutters are maintenance-free.



Cleaning and care


To clean the coated elements such as the box, guide rails, profiles or plastic parts, wipe clean with hand-hot water and a neutral cleaning agent (soap based).

Please: Do not use solvent and alcohol (methylated spirits). Do not use abrasive cleaning agents.

Additional tips

Do not subject the roller shutters to moisture for extended periods of time. Aggressive condensation from plaster or coating materials may cause damage through corrosion to the drive system or the operating devices.

Please ventilate regularly and wipe off condensed water from the crank components.


Inappropriate loads affect the function and safety of the roller shutters. The guarantee is no longer valid in case of incorrect operation and improper use.

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